When my 14-year old daughter developed an eating disorder she began attending counselling sessions with Amanda. During this really dark time, Amanda has been a shining light, bringing positivity and hope into our lives. The techniques she has taught us have been invaluable in helping my daughter, and our whole family, to tackle her illness and work towards a brighter future. Amanda is highly professional and extremely personable and comforting – providing the ideal environment to develop the trust and cooperation of her patients. Amanda’s support has been invaluable in our fight against anorexia

OCD & family therapy

Amanda has been brilliant with my daughter as well as being a great support to me too. 
Amanda has created a friendly and comfortable environment where my daughter has felt able to share her worries. She is very easy to talk to, welcoming, patient and compassionate whilst constructively challenging my daughter when the need arises.
My daughter’s journey with Amanda is not yet over but with Amanda’s help my daughter is feeling supported, much more positive and is enjoying her life again

Trauma & abuse

Amanda has been working with me for 4 months now. Initially, I was really anxious about attending therapy. Amanda makes me feel as relaxed as possible and reassures me each step of the way!
During the past 4 months, I have managed to open up to Amanda about things I never thought possible. Amanda is just amazing! I trust her 100% and couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me through my difficult journey. Without Amanda’s help who knows where I would be! She is the rainbow in my storm

Teenage suicidal ideation

My son talks about you and how you helped, he’s such a different person now, can’t thank you enough.

If it wasn’t for Amanda, life could have been so different for us. Can’t thank her enough.

Autism Spectrum Disorder related anxiety support

Amanda managed to tap into our daughter and help when others haven’t. She’s given us hope that our daughter can manage her anxiety. She’s given her tools to help herself. Something that other professionals said couldn’t be done because she has ASD. Honestly, we can’t thank her enough for the changes over the past 5 months.

Grief/Loss & anxiety

Amanda is such an amazing woman. Helped me so much. Cannot thank her enough for all the time she took with me
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